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A Special Labor Day Concert with
Abby K, Deb Seymour, and guest
Eric Douglas from Phoenix! 

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You are cordially invited to a special garden concert this year, featuring Seattle's local songbird Abby K and the extraordinary Phoenix singer-songwriter, Mr. Eric Douglas!

About Eric Douglas:


Eric Douglas is an Arizona mainstay, renowned for blending contemporary folk, classic rock, and Texas country into poignant narratives about individuals navigating life's trials and triumphs. His music paints a vivid American landscape, drawing inspiration from the Southwestern desert, the Great Plains, and the open road. Eric captivates audiences with his engaging and dynamic performances, seamlessly weaving emotional depth with messages of hope and a lighthearted touch. As he embarks on his first tour of the Pacific Northwest, including appearances at the Tumbleweed Music Festival and in Deb's Back Yard, listeners are sure to be embraced by warmth, wisdom, and humor.

About Abby K:


Abby K's musical journey began with a rush of adrenaline at 16, singing the Star Spangled Banner before a crowd of 20,000 Louisville Cardinal basketball fans. With over two decades of musical immersion in Chicago's diverse climate and influences, Abby has brought her talents to Seattle, where her performances, including at Seattle's NW Folk Life Festival, showcase a sound as lush and dramatic as the Pacific Northwest itself. Abby's melodies are instantly hummable, her lyrics deeply memorable, and her stories resonate profoundly with audiences, evoking honesty, clarity, harmony, and beauty.

About Deb Seymour:


Deb Seymour is a whimsical folk original songwriter whose repertoire ranges from humorous tales of hitchhiking chickens to heartfelt reflections on love and even improbable encounters like a tango dancing Martian or a cake laced with DDT (yes, it happened!). Deb's creative journey intersected with Eric Douglas at a Phoenix songwriting circle in 2023, while Abby K connected with Eric at the 2024 Tucson Folk Festival, culminating in this unique garden concert experience.

Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating music, storytelling, and camaraderie under the trees!

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