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A masterful musical story teller and nimble-fingered guitarist, Deb Seymour has been delighting audiences for years with her demented wit, haunting blues and moving ballads.. Never a cautious moment on stage, her song subjects will take you on a wild ride in electric cars with hitch-hiking chickens, tango-dancing Martians and miscreant alley cats,  while reflecting on missed chances and searching for true love.

A solid, nimble-fingered guitarist, Seymour's playing style touches on folk, rock, country, Latin, blues, gypsy swing and Celtic flavorings. Seymour does NOT shy away from complex, jazz "bingo chords" (with titles such as "Bmin7" and "Emaj7 with a flatted 9th...")

Deb has four CDs of orginal work out and the  latest CD, "Blame It On The Dog" (2018) features continues in her theatrical vein of demented wit, haunting blues and moving ballads.


Long Bio


Seattle singer-songwriter Deb Seymour loves hard hats, hates beer and drives a third-hand Tesla named "Sir Percival T, the White Knight"  A masterful musical story teller, Seymour's song subjects run the gamut from tango-dancing Martians  & miscreant ally cats  to celebrating the wisdom of blue-collar women. 

Born & raised San Francisco, Deb attended college in Boulder, Colorado and upon discovering Boulder's vibrant folk & bluegrass scene, ending up staying in Boulder for 12 years. Supporting herself as a hotel maid, data-entry clerk, FedEx Office employee and barista (not all at the same time), she was a regular on the open mic scene, frequently appearing at Brillig Works Tea Room, Penny Lane Coffeehouse and the James Pub and Denver venues Paris On The Platte and Tequila Sunrise. Her first band, Seventh String Celtic Trio arose from jamming with fellow musicians she met on the open mike scene. Later bands included the all-woman bluegrass band  Out of The Blue and the folk/jazz trio Small Talk.

Upon moving to Seattle in 1994, Deb discovered the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and fell in quickly with Victory Music and the rest  Seattle open mic scene, appearing at the Antique Sandwich, Crossroads Mall, Skylark Cafe, Wit's End & Honey Bear Bakery. Her bands Twins Before Birth and Deb Seymour & the Debonairs, graced the Northwest music scene from  1994-1996 and 2005-2009 with their high-energy, three-part harmony performances. 

Performing solo since then, Deb is a three-time Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Finalist, and has won numerous awards for her songwriting skills: her 2011 hit  "Mama Wears A Hard Hat" won the prestigious Top 5 Award, Country Category  in the 2011 Great American Song Contest and also received an Honorable Mention  that same year in the Song of the Year Contest.

In 2018, her songs "Colonoscopy" and "Dinner For One" placed as semi-finalist and runner up respectively, in the 2018 Song of the Year contest- it's rare that two songs from the same writer receive placements in the same contest, putting Seymour in the top 1% of all the contestants.

Deb has shared the stage with Leftover Salmon, the Austin Lounge Lizards, the Michael Carlos Band, national touring artist Chuck Brodsky, Seattle performers Scott Katz, Matt Price, Shannon Beck, Charlotte Thistle, Pink Camel, Thaddeus Spae and the Emerald City Jug Band. 

Seymour has four CDs out of original music: "Martian Tangos"(1992), "Cupid's Wheel" (1999), and "Mama Wears A Hard Hat" (2011).
Her newest CD, "Blame It On The Dog" was released July 18, 2018:-)

When not on stage, Deb is an electric car and zero-waste lifestyle advocate. She  is the owner/writer of the blog Deb Goes Green  and is a member of and  webmaster for  the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association and takes great pride in being a "folksinger with a Tesla", driving her third-hand Craig's List Tesla Model S "Sir Percival T., the White Knight" around town and across country.

Album photo for "Mama Wears A Hard Hat"  

Deb Seymour & The Debonairs


Belting it out at the C and P Coffee Company in West Seattle



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