Here's your reward:

Did you ever ask your self "Why is that Deb Seymour such a GOOF-BALL?" 

This song will explain *everything*! Based on a TRUE family story!


"Keep The Flies Off Of The Cake"
(C) 2020 by Deb Seymour

Great grandpa was a cowboy, took great grandma for his wife

For fifty years you know they’ve led a happy life        

And now they’re celebratin’ with folks from far and near 

All come to the ranch to toast the couple with good cheer


The garden is a bustin’ out with all the flowers in bloom

The kitchen is a jumpin’ with tasty barbeque     

Old Joe is an old cow hand, wants to help out

Great-grandpa takes a look around and then says “here’s how”



Keep the flies off of the cake

This is a special party, make no mistake

We don’t want those nasty bugs down in our insides

Keep the flies off the cake and all will be all right

Now Old Joe is a bit perplexed, he’s not sure what to do

Cause waving both his arms around he feels like a fool

But a swatter would be messy as far as he could see
That’s when he turns around and grabs the can of DDT




Today we know things we didn’t know back then

DDT kills birds and makes chromosomes bend

Everybody ate the cake, no one thought it funny

Not my aunts & uncles nor my then teen-aged mommy      



The years flew by and I was born, and things turned out OK

But I still have some questions about my DNA

‘Cause Instead of being a doctor, lawyer, judge or statistician

I turned out to be a mutant freaky folk musician



CODA: "Yodel-lay-hee-hoo…."


Deb Seymour: Vocals, Guitar
Country Dave Harmonson: electric and steel slide guitars

Alicia Healey: upright bass and harmonies


Recorded at the Winterblue Room, Seattle, WA
February 2020
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Alicia Healey