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Blame It On The Dog

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"Blame It On The Dog" is more than a folk album: it's a rollicking show with hitch-hiking chickens, calico shadows and culpable canines! Includes fan favorites such as "Gato Negro", "The Angry Song", "Dinner For One" and the penultimate song about growing older, "Colonoscopy". Produced by Alicia Healey at the Winter-blue Room, Seattle, and featuring guest musicians Joel Tepp (Danny O'Keefe Band) on clarinet, Kelly Paletta on drums, Alica Healey on bass, Nick Dallett (Cat's Cradle Robbers) on guitars and Mark Iler (Humor & Heart) on harmonica.

"Wonderfully eclectic; full of Broadway sass & class!" (Laura MacMahon, fan, Seattle)

"Deb Seymour is not only an entertainer, but a master musical storyteller" (John Ford, KAOS radio, 89.3, Olympia, WA)

"The female answer to Tom Lehrer!" (Clyde Barlow, KDRT 95.FM, Davis, CA)

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