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Martian Tangos

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Do Martians really tango? Do some people hate beer?Why  is thinking such a mindless task? Deb’s debut CD “Martian Tangos” explore see subjects in depth with rye humor and whimsical wit. prepare to be entertained by the antics of bad cats, black widows, nuclear polkas and just how one can get away with misbehaving when wearing colored contact lenses. 

Prepare to have your imagination tickled & your heartstrings pulled”  -Maureen Jackson, Victory Music News, Tacoma, WA

“What  makes Deb Seymour more than just a Christine Lavin clone is Deb‘s ability to turn a  clever joke into a universal song” -Steve Knopper, Boulder Daily Camera 

“Folk music that won’t bore even the anti-folkies among you” -Michael Roberts, Westword Magazine, Denver

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