1. Up On Your Luck

From the album Cupid's Wheel

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Up On Your Luck

Hey Mister Runaway, don’t run away so fast
What are you running from, did you think you’d never get chance
To get lucky in love
I’ve seen you beat the odds at tougher things than this
Fast cars, motorcycles, falling bricks are much more hit and iss
A lot more dangerous

It’s time to take a gamble, it’s time to take a risk
You, who play at sleight-of-hand, try your hand at this
Place your bet on Cupid’s wheel, this time you’ll be up on your luck

One heart’s a gamble, two can be a pair of loaded dice
But you’ll never shoot the moon unless you give Lady Luck a try
Come on, your turn, you’re up
I don’t know who she was and I don’t know what she’s done
But how long you gonna let one bad hand stack the cards against finding love
Love with someone new


Up on your luck, chase through the clover fresh with morning dew
Up on your luck, kiss under ladders, black cat’s there too

Up on your luck, take my hand, we’ll step on all the cracks
Throw some salt right over…over my shoulder....

Now I wouldn’t waste my time singing you these words
If I didn’t mean what I say and what I’m about to say must be heard
So listen up
It’s you, you’re the only one, the only one who’ll do
So put me in your hand, let’s make a deal to make this game one played by two
I’m feeling lucky on you


Copyright © 1999 by Deborah B. Seymour/BMI/ Herkimer Productions