1. Twelve Shades Of Blue

From the album Cupid's Wheel

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Twelve Shades Of Blue

I once was a painter with a paint box of dreams
I colored my canvas with reds, golds and greens
But now all the detail has faded from view
And I’m left here looking at twelve shades of blue

Twelve shades of blue paint a picture of this broken heart of mine
Still touched by the traces of love that you left behind
If I could but recapture the love we once knew
I’d make a rainbow from twelve shades of blue

And it all seems so empty, this life that I lead
In search of that someone who shares the same need
I once thought that someone might have been you
The vision has vanished into twelve shades of blue


Copyright © 1999 by Deborah B. Seymour/BMI/ Herkimer Productions