1. Say Yes

From the album Mama Wears A Hard Hat

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Copyright 2005, 2011 by Deborah B. Seymour/BMI/Hermiker Porductions

You think the world is crashing 'cause you see nothing but ashes
You think there's nowhere to run, that the only way out is Armageddon
Well, I say stop all this talk of doom, I want a change in attitude
I say, stand we me now and life up your voice 'cause I know you know how to

Say yes! To a positive future! Say Yes! This we can nurture
Say yes! It can be done if you reach around and everyone to say yes!

You say: "But how can I do this when all I do feels so useless
Death, war, destruction and poverty, it's dragging me down..."
I say stop looking backwards 'cause now it's forward that matters
Look to the rising sun and open your hearts to what can be done

Oh, the time is now to make opportunity
oh, and we know how to build community
Don't let them drag you down in negativity
Oh, the time is now...