1. Little ZENN Car

From the album Mama Wears A Hard Hat

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Copyright 2009, 2011 by Deborah B. Seymour/ Herkimer Productions

Ignition's on but she don't make a sound
As I push her pedal to the ground
I swear I've never had a ride like this before
"Zero Emissions, No Noise"
She wows the girls and blows away the boys
They all ask how fast, how far, how much

Little ZENN Car rocks my world
She's a carbon-free, green-wheelin' girl
No gas, no oil, no joke, I never expected
To be cruisin' through the city streets
On six lead-acid batteries
I need some juice, I just connect it
My little car is all electric!

So you say you drive a Prius, well, you're still using gas
And emissions inspections you've gotta pass
While me and my ZENN cruise right by those stations
Coming on home at the end of the day
I just pull out the plug and plug her in in the driveway
Go inside and pour my self a cold one

Oh, the cost is hard to bear
It's a penny a mile to drive from here to there

So give up your guzzler, ditch your Dodge,
shove that Chevy back in the garage
It's time to get current, go with the flow
My little ZENN car is here to stay
And more like her are coming your way
Charge 'em up, get ready to roll!


C'mon over, feel free to inspect it, my little car is all electric
Roll over oil, you best accept it, my little car is all electric