1. The Can Man (Light Is On)

From the album Mama Wears A Hard Hat

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Copyright 1998,2011 by Deborah B. Seymour/BMI/Herkimer Productions

He's not much to look at, shabby and faded
Like a piece of punched-up leather someone's used and thrown away
He takes his trash can in and out of the dump site each day
Cashing in for what he can, taking other stuff away
I was working for the county doing surveys on the trash
Smoky diesels screaming down, drivers rude and fast
I wrote him off as crazy, I wouldn't give him my time
But he caught me at a pause and looked me in the eye

The light is on, somebody's home
Lean on me sister, you are not alone
Open up your heart, share your heavy load
The light is on...

Three years ago he said, by now I should be dead
Spots the size of golf balls in my lungs and in my head
But Jesus came and now I'm here, digging in the dump
Rescuing souls in need whom others give up
People think they can own their home, their bodies or their lives
But these things are impermanent, I've seen the other side
So take care of what's holy, choose to do right
And when God comes and finds you, won't you let His love inside

He said "God bless and thank you!", to my surprise, he gave me a hug
And wheeled his battered barrel out, his daily work now done
The trucks still rumbled in the site, the drivers were still mean
But somehow, down there in the garbage, all things were washed clean
Now I don't know which path to God I'll choose over time
The Buddha, Jesus or the Goddess, someday I'll decide
But I now know there's a love out there that crosses all those lines
And if I ever feel in doubt, the can man's who I'll think about