1. Mama Wears A Hard Hat

From the album Mama Wears A Hard Hat

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Copyright 1999, 2011 by Deborah B. Seymour/BMI/Herkimer Productions

Mama wears a hard hat, mama wears work boots
Mama drives a fork-life and uses big tools
She's got a big voice, she can talk tough
To all the big boys, they listen up
She don't dress in diamonds and pearls
But mama is the queen of the working girls!

Mama never was one to take any flak even when they said women don't work like that
Mama got the training, mama got the job, mama is the one everyone counts on
She can build a building, she can build a bridge, she can build a roadway, she'll win the bid
And if you need a buddy to get your through a jam, you can bet your money: mama, she's your man


Whistle blows and the sun comes up, well she's out on the job site, getting things done
Tote that load, lift the bale, driving steel and pounding nails
Sweat is pouring off her brow but she's flying high over broken ground
Pretty is as pretty does, does pretty work? Yes she does!