Mt album cover
Mt album cover
  1. I Hate Beer

From the album Martian Tangos

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I Hate Beer

Well, it’s Friday afternoon about a quarter past four

And my friends say, let’s go to the liquor store

They ask me what I want but before I can twitch and ear
They’ve gone and spent all their and my money on beer


And I hate beer, oh yes I do

I don’t see what good it does for you

It only fills my bladder and makes it run free

If you’re gonna drink beer, don’t give any to me!

2) Well around the corner lives a little friend of mine
Like me, he likes to drink cheap old wine
But when I went to his party I started to shed tears
He’s drunk up all the wine and left me nothing but beers


3) Well, you can take your Coors and dump it down the drain
Don’t ask me again, do you like Heineken
Your Pabst and Schlitz and Millers and Buds are all the same
Get them out of my face, do I have to tell you again that


4) Well, when I die and to Heaven do go
Don’t cry for me, because I know
There may be beer in Heaven but not for me
They’ll be saving all the reds, whites, roses and Chablis

Copyright (c) 1987 Deborah B Seymour
Herkimer Productions/ BMI