Mt album cover
Mt album cover
  1. Bad Cat

From the album Martian Tangos

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Bad Cat

Cool as the click of a switch-blade knife, I walk on to your back porch and into your life
I check out every corner and upturn every stone, you’d better believe, I’ll make this back yard my own
As I dominate the best sun patch, contemplating which birdies to catch
Grooming myself from my head to my toes, and just when I’ll pounce I tell ya- no body knows


Cause I’m the king of the alleys, prince of the trash, sometimes I purr, sometimes I scratch
Cruising through your neighborhood, I haven’t a care to let you come near me if come near me you dare

Cause I’m a bad cat…bad cat….I’am a bad cat…..bad cat….

I was born in an alley the smallest of six, I learned to survive on a cheap bag of tricks
Out in the streets I’ve grown old, I’ve grown wise, I’ve earned my share of more than nine lives!
Well, I’ve got this old lady, she tries to keep me in, she offers me caviar and sips of her gin
But she’ll never tame me, nobody can, fish eggs and booze are so insufferably bland



And when your family’s asleep in the dead of the night In a silence so thick, you can slice
A scream rips the air, makes your hair stand on endIt’s me giving chase to that she-cat again

In the morning you’ll see me, just as sweet as can be “What, last night? A catfight? Who, me?”
As I gently play with some paper that’s scrap and shortly thereafter, retire for my nap
My name’s not important; I’ve never really had one You know my deportment’s a mean, tough and bad one
So if you see me on your back stairs and such You can come say hello, but don’t you dare touch…


CODA: I’m the duke of the dumpster, baron of the back fence hanging around’s what I do best…

Copyright (c) 1990 by Deborah B Seymour
Herkimer Productions/BMI