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Hello Deb-Heads!  Welcome again to Deb's Den! I am so glad you are here!


  • The 3 Free Songs: you *should* have received your  3 songs in your email-inbox by now, but if *not*, please download from below!

  • For some fun,  and as an additional welcome, below also is a link to an UNPUBLISHED video of  the UNRELEASED  title track my upcoming next CD: "Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots" Let me know what you think! 

  • Join in one of my weekly livestreams on Twitch TV and/or Facebook!

  • NEW MEMBERS WELCOME DISCOUNT: Visit my shop and get 10% off CDs, Digital Downloads, Coffee Mugs, Tote Bangs, CD Packages! USE  WELCOME at checkout (It will be after you put in your payment info- kind of weird, but that's how Wix shops works...) The shop is here: Deb Shop

The Three Free Songs!

You're invited to tune in to any of my weekly live streams!

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Thanks so much for joining the list! Expect monthly or every other monthly newsletters- I try to balance chattering a lot with respect for your privacy. -Deb 🥰