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A Tesla Tale (Deb Seymour) #roadtrip #misconceptions #commonality

A Tesla Tale (Deb Seymour) #roadtrip #misconceptions #commonality

A song with a Tesla in it...but really SONG about undoing misconceptions and finding commonalities. We are truly more alike than different! ________________________________________________________________________ A Tesla Tale © June 2019 by Deborah B. Seymour 1. Out here driving-in-my-Tesla middle-of-nowhere far from home West coast in-the-rear-view-mirror -going-to Chattanooga on my own I’m out of my comfort zone I’ve 1300 miles to go 2. Oh no! Gotta go, badly! Oklahoma truck stop here I am Fourteen eyeballs staring at me just who do I think I am My throat is dry, my face is red when a trucker climbs on down and says CHORUS 1 “Would you like a cup of coffee? Is that your car? It it really all electric? You driven far Where do you plug it in, I’d so love to know Thank you for the show and tell, you’re might kind You’ve cleared a lot of things up in my mind Safe travels to you out there on the road!” 3. “Sweet Home Alabama” says the sign at the state line Motorcycles in their leathers pulling up a long my side My heart is Jello in my mouth Is this be the hospitality of the deep south? CHORUS 2 “Hi our names are Kathy, Sue and Tammy, we’re on a motorcycle trip from Nashville to Miami Is that car your Tesla? It’s mighty cool You say you’re a musician- that’s mighty fine, Would you like to have a picture playing at the state line Safe travels! Here’s to women on the road!” Rest stop, Minnesota, I am sleeping in my back seat Big man, beer-in-hand, is staring in the windows right at me My stomach’s knotted at my knees I sit up and try…to…breathe… CHORUS 3 “OMG I didn’t see you! Would you like a brew? I didn’t mean to scare you, I mean I really didn’t see you Just never seen these cars close for real Thank you for the info-I h have gotta go It’s a long drive back to Ohio Safe travels to you out there on the road!
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