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Deb Seymour Music Privacy Policy

Deb Seymour Music (official website for Seattle musician Deb Seymour) only collects basic information from people who have *OPTED IN*  to the Deb Seymour Music Mailing List.

Ways to opt-in are via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, a live show or a direct email request.
Deb's mailing list is managed via Constant Contact. Deb's website is powered by Wix.


Deb Seymour Music respects your privacy and NEVER shares, sells or rents your  personal information with any third-party. Period.

You may "opt-out" of any Deb Seymour Music Music List Email at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of any given email.

If social media is more your speed, please find me on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube! 

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