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Head-Shot: Pink Hat 


Deb Seymour is a born goofball and entertainer.  Whimsical & heartfelt, her off-beat songs about hitch-hiking chickens, tango-dancing Martians,
culpable canines and broken hearts and home repair manuals  have clever turns of phrase and all-encompassing musicality are  reminiscent of Christine Lavin, Tom Lehrer, and Broadway. 


While Seymour has four CDs of original work out,  it is her lively on-stage performance that draws the audience in from the first note. Deb makes the concert about her listeners, not herself. She encourages the audience to song along, clap along, finger-snap along...and on one song has everyone make "squish" as she musically tackles the bugs in her garden.


Seymour plays house concerts, cafes and folk festivals. In 2020, having never paid much attention to social media,  she jumped into the deep end and  now  live streams streams regularly from "Deb's Den" on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, gaining new fans -and a whole lot of emojis- weekly!

More Hi-Res Head Shots: Orange Hat. Click Image To Download

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Live In-Person Gig Set Up

  • Live Gig Set Up: 1 vocal mic, 1 DI, 1 instrument mic, one monitor, stool

  • House Concert Set Up: No PA  needed for rooms less than 300 sq. feet.

  • Garden Concert Set Up:  I  bring a compact BOSE Stick,  PA2 Sound mixer. 2 vocal mics, 2 mic stands 

Live Steaming Gear & Set-Up

Deb's Home Streaming Set-Up:

  • Equipment: MLX990 Vocal Mic & Shure SM57 Instrument --> Mackie Pro FX Mixer --> Scarlett Focusrite 8i8 Audio Interface -- 2002 Mac Mini.

  • Software: OBS, Streamlabs, Streamyard, Restream, Ecamm and/or Facebook Live Producer.

  • Simulcasting: She regularly simulcasts to Facebook, YouTube.  She also streams to Twitch, Sessions Live  & Instagram. 


Deb's Mobile Rig Set Up:

  • iPhone 11 on tripod (Ringllight if low light contditions)

  • Streams to Facebook, Twitch  YouTube Live Apps.

  • Deb currently cannot simulcast to multiple channels from  the iPhone. 

Past Gigs

  • New Avenue Cafe (Havertown, PA)

  • Our Community Cup (Springfield, PA)

  • Xfest (Telford, PA)

  • One Broadway Collaborative (Lawrence, MA)

  • Tucson Folk Festival (Tucson, AZ)

  • Arizona Live Music Cooperative (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Couth Buzzard Books (Seattle)

  • C&P Coffee Company (Seattle)

  • Grumpy D's Coffeehouse (Seattle)

  • Hoh River Brewing (Tumwater, WA)

  • Tumbleweed Music Festival (Richland, WA)

  • Book Passage (Corte Madera, CA)

  • Winterblue Room (Seattle, WA)

  • Boulder Theater (Boulder, CO)

  • NW Folklife (Seattle, WA)

  • San Francisco Folk Festival

  • Ashland, OR Folk Festival

  • Boulder Folk & Bluegrass Festival

  • Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse (Phoenix, AR)

  • Tumbleweed Music Festival (Richland, WA)

  • Jambalaya (Arcata, CA)

  • Freight & Salvage (Berkeley, CA)

  • Craft (Sierra Madre, CA)

  • Brick Box Studio House Concert (Seattle, WA)




  • 2019  Song Of The Year: "Twelve Shades Of Blue"

  • 2019 Song Of The Year : "Chrissie's Hair"

  • 2018 Great American Song Contest "Colonoscopy"

  • 2018 International Songwriting Competition: "Colonoscopy"

  • 2018 Song Of The Year: "Colonoscopy"

  • 2013 Tumbleweed Music Festival "Girders of Steel"

  • 2011 Great American Song Contest: "Mama Wears A Hard Hat"

  • 2011 Song of the Year "Mama Wears A Hard Hat"

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