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"Upbeat, int music that lifts you from"  -Amanda Mason, Fan, Seattle


"Folk music that won't bore even the anti-folkies among you."  -Michael Roberts, Westword Magazine, Denver


"Fabulously eclectic with Broadway sass and class!  -Laura MacMahon, Fan, Seattle, WA


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Deb Seymour

Whimsical Folk Originals

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About Deb Seymour 

Delve into the imaginative realm of Deb Seymour, where she weaves tales of hitch-hiking chickens, tango-dancing Martians & even the unexpected world of colonoscopies.  With her whimsical and offbeat subjects, paired with clever turns of phrase and a musicality that embraces a spectrum of emotions, Deb's performances are bound to tickle your funny bone while simultaneously tugging at your heartstrings.


A seasoned artist, Seymour boasts four original CDs, showcasing her diverse body of work. Not confined to a local stage, she takes her musical creativity on national tour 3-5 months a year,  all while sustaining her popular weekly livestream, "Brunch W/ Deb," broadcasted on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch every Sunday.

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Songwriting Awards
Finalist: 2024 South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest

Top Five & Semi-Finalist: 2023 Song Of The Year Awards

Top Five:2018 Great American Song Contest
Semi-Finalist: 2018  ISC Awards




Weekly Livestream:

2023 Brunch.jpg

"Brunch w/ Deb!" airs every Sunday @ 11:00 AM Pacific* on Facebook, Youtube *&* Twitch!

Fun, merriment, silliness, sweetness all come your way on Facebook & Youtube every Sunday where we laugh and cry together, telling our troubles to take a hike!

"Deb Seymour is the full package, a true entertainer"- Greg Aiken, Tucson Folk Festival Board

"An amazing, varied songwriter with a clean, technically sound livestream. Way more prepared than most!" -Chris Glanister, Owner, Pilgrim Media Services

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