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Deb's Den Garden Concerts 2024

Deb's Deb Garden Concerts is a private, seasonal garden concert series independently produced by Seattle musican Deb Seymour.  Held in July & August in a beauful garden in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, seating is limited and seats MUST be reserved in advance. Suggested donation of $20-$25 per person can be paid in advacnce at or at the door. Hope to see you there! -Deb Seymour


07/13/24- 2:00 PM  The Whateverly Brothers
The Whateverly Brothers, consisting of Chris Glanister & Dan Roberts, have been entertaining Seattle’s maritime & folk communities for decades with their shenanigans and harmonies. Multi-instrumentalists as well, their in-between songs patter will have you laughing.


07/27/24- 2:00 PM  Steven Cristol
If James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot had a lovechild, it would be Steve Cristol  With his evocative tenor and skilled guitar playing, Steven’s original compositions are lyrically rich and will wind around your heart like a warm fuzzy blanket.

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08/17/24 - 2:00 PM Carmaig↯Geddon
Carmaig↯Geddon, consisting of post-punk ukelele player Carmaig De Forest and Aimee Zoe, features the songwriting of Carmaig  The songs are intellectual, lyric-packed and edgy commentaries on life, social ills, and the more miscreant and forgotten characters in the world. Except the unexpected with this duo!

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MONDAY- LABOR DAY- 09/02/24 - 2:00 PM 
Abby K & Eric Douglas


Abby K's sounds are  as lush and dramatic as the Pacific Northwest itself. Abby's melodies are instantly hummable, her lyrics deeply memorable, and her stories resonate profoundly with audiences, evoking honesty, clarity, harmony, and beauty.

Eric Douglas is a Phoenix mainstay, renowned his poignant narratives about individuals navigating life's trials and triumphs. His music paints a vivid American landscape, drawing inspiration from the Southwestern desert, the Great Plains, and the open road.

This show will be a "songwriters-in-the round" format with Deb Seymour.

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Concert series host and performing musician Deb Seymour  is a whimsical folk original songwriter whose repertoire ranges from humorous tales of hitchhiking chickens to heartfelt reflections on love and even improbable encounters like a tango dancing Martian or a cake laced with DDT. Deb will be performing sets at all concert shows and welcomes you warmly into her garden!

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