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At long last, Deb's 5th album of whimiscal wit & music  is here! 


This highly awaited album is a treat for Deb-Heads everywhere. "Boots" showcases beloved tracks such as "The Wallows," "Heart the Earth," "Keep the Flies Off the Cake," and "Trying to Write a Love Song," along with the award-winning titular track.


An uplifting collection, "Boots" delves into themes of overcoming obstacles, cherishing love, respecting the environment, dropping mis- conceptions, finding humor in life's challenges, conquering childhood fears, and even exploring the whims of a *very* pampered cat. Ultimately, "Boots" serves as a reminder that tough times will pass and that embracing life's small joys, love, and laughter can help us navigate through any rut.




Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots-Physical CD

SKU: HPCD #372
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