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Preorders Start April 15

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Get ready to lace up your boots because the anticipation is mounting for Seattle singer-songwriter Deb Seymour's fifth album, "Sometimes You've Got to Wear Boots," set to release in June 2024!

This highly awaited album is a treat for Deb-Heads everywhere. "Boots" showcases beloved tracks such as "The Wallows," "Heart the Earth," "Keep the Flies Off the Cake," and "Trying to Write a Love Song," along with the titular track.

Recorded at the Winterblue Room and expertly produced by veteran engineer, multi-instrumentalist & stellar vocalist Alicia Healey, "Boots" boasts an ensemble of Seattle's finest  session musicians, including Country Dave Harmonson & Wes Weddell on guitars, Kelly Paletta and Jason Edwards on drums, Alex Guy on viola, Bradley Hawkins on cello, and backing vocals by The Whateverly Brothers and Jan Elliot Glanister, not to mention Alicia Healey herself on bass, mandolin, and backing vocals.

An uplifting collection, "Boots" delves into themes of overcoming obstacles, cherishing love, respecting the environment, dropping mis- conceptions, finding humor in life's challenges, conquering childhood fears, and even exploring the whims of a *very* pampered cat. Ultimately, "Boots" serves as a reminder that tough times will pass and that embracing life's small joys, love, and laughter can help us navigate through any rut.

"Boots" will be available in digital format, with a limited number of physical CDs also being produced. Additionally, fans can look forward to accompanying merchandise such as stickers, mugs, and pins. Be sure to snag your copy by preordering early! Preorder notices will be sent out in early April, with actual preorders kicking off on April 15th.

Prepare to ditch your slippers and step into the world of "Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots"!

By opting in, you will get to hear previews of three of the album's songs before anyone else does! You'll also be the first in line when pre-orders start!

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