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Keep The Flies Off Of The Cake
The Wallows
Trying To Write A Love Song

Dear Seattle Deb-Heads:

Welcome to the secret "Boots" page!  


Why the secret?

This is because the Official Wider Public Release of "Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots" isn't unitl JULY 9th, 2024
If you are here, that means you are a Seattle VIP Deb-Head, which entitles you to a recuced pre-release price on music and products! 

Please note that merchandise is limited and as of Wed, June 12, 2024:

  • Only 145 physical CDs exist, and only 90 CDs left

  • Only 30 USB wallet cards exist, and only 27 wallet USB cards left

  • Only 50  Collector's Edition deluxe 8x8 inch full-color companion/lyric booklets exist: only 23 booklets left

  • Mugs and digital downloads are unlimited as they are both "print on demand"

Buy soon, as prices go UP on July 9th. 


Thank you for your support!

Warm regards - Deb  😊

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